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Color of Heaven | Spielfilm

17 years have passed. Tristán Del Val and Olivia Bronte meet again by chance in a hotel in central Switzerland. At a young age, the withdrawn, single academic and rising star in the sky had first encountered the existential philosophy of the talented and celebrated actress and succumbed to the dazzling charm of the wife and mother of two sons. For 17 years, the memories of the tempestuous love romance, broken by their ambitious career plans, had endured. Now, against the dramatic backdrop of Lake Lucerne, a profound dialogue unfolds between Tristán and Olivia - an unvarnished exploration of success, loss, happiness, and love. Color of Heaven is a romantic drama. It is a film that explores philosophical concepts such as success or happiness and the direction in which society is moving. It also reflects on choices we make for ourselves and the impact they can have on our future.
Produktion / Kunde
89 Productions GmbH, Arnold Films SL, ORISONO GmbH
Photo by DLC Studios Ltd., Daniel Chung
Photo by DLC Studios Ltd., Daniel Chung
Photo by DLC Studios Ltd., Daniel Chung